Intergrative Mycology Lab​​

Current IML Lab Members and Collaborations

Principal Investigator

Anindya Chanda, Ph. D.
Director, IML
Arnold School Profile

Doctoral Graduate Students

Phani M. Gummadidala
Research Focus: Fungal Cellular Biology, Natural Product Synthesis, Fungal biomes and Health
Arnold Fellow
Chanda Lab Manager

Mayomi H. Omebeyinje, DVM
Research Focus: Fungal contributions in polymicrobial infections
Arnold Fellow
Rubaiya Jesmin
Research Focus: Fungal contributions in agriculture
Research Volunteer

Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Affiliates

Dr. Hussain Rangoonwala, M.D.
Research Focus: Infectious Diseases

Chandrani Mitra, Ph.D.
Research Focus: Nanoparticle effects on fungal biology
Prof. Ola Gomaa
Faculty Member at the National Center for Radiation Research and Technology, Atomic Energy Authority
Cairo, Egypt.
Research Focus: Mycoremediation
Dr. Prasanta K. Biswas
Faculty Member at the Department of Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

Undergraduate Researchers

Caitlyn Lizana
Magellan Minigrant Awardee and Work Study Grant Awardee
Research Focus: Vibrio effects on Aspergillus Biology

Travis Dias
Stamps Scholar, Honors College, University of South Carolina
Research Focus: Infectious Diseases

Laboratory Outreach Coordinator

Henry Coonrod
Work Study Program Awardee

Laboratory Collaborations